Housing Solutions

In the residential and institutional housing fields, the Blakeslee's Housing System has been successfully put to the test in numerous multiunit complexes. Time and time again, we has exhibited the time-savings, overall economics, aesthetic appeal, fireproofing, soundproofing, and reduced maintenance associated with a precast, prestressed concrete system. Hollow core planks provide solid, quiet, fire resistant clear spans for floors and roofs that are economical and easy to assemble and is available in 8-, 10- and 12-inch thickness and is manufactured in standard 8'-0" widths. The most economical layout is achieved using all 8'-0" wide floor slabs however, custom width are available to fit any building configuration.

Load Bearing Wall Panels are solid demising walls that create quite, safe compartmentalization and keep jobs on schedule in any kind of weather. The precast wall panels act as shear walls for lateral bracing and can be any thickness needed for the project. Typically 8" thick walls are used for low and mid-rise buildings. They are ready to receive applied finishes such as drywall or masonry veneers. Rough openings can be provided for horizontal mechanical runs. When used around stairs and elevators they add the structural stability, durability, fire ratings and economies you are looking for.

Elevator and Stair Towers are used to build the core of your building. They provide exceptional shear strength, structural stability and immediate trade access to the upper floors. Precast stairs are available with integral abrasive nosings upon request.

Columns, Slabs and Beams round out the precast housing system and can be used to create under-the-building parking spaces, balconies and bay window details.

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Components of the System

  • Hollow Core Plank
    (8", 10" and 12" thick x 8'-0" wide)
  • Load Bearing Wall Panels
  • Elevator wall and Stair members
  • Columns, Slabs and Beams