Precast Housing: Advantages

Accelerated Construction Schedules

While the site preparation is taking place the precast building components are being fabricated, finished and outfitted in the factory. As soon as the foundations and access roads are ready the building assembles quickly with little to no time to weather and trade coordination problems.

Unlimited Design Choices

Today's precast products offer the ultimate in design flexibility. Form liners, finish types and the composite integration of other materials such as brick, steel and glass means design is only limited by imagination.

Exceptional Durability

State-of-the-art concrete mix means pours at high slumps that achieve high strengths. High slump factory controlled casting means bug-hole free surfaces that offer the ultimate low-maintenance long-life finish.

Swift Erection

Precast components assemble in almost any kind of weather. Blakeslee prides itself on our ability to coordinate component delivery and meeting erection deadlines. It is not unusual for over 8,000 square feet of plank to be erected in a single day. When you hear somebody say " where did that building come from" chances are it was made of precast.

"The all precast solution developed by Blakeslee offered significant time savings over the original structural plan, as well as other advantages at an equivalent cost." — Louis Cappucci, Vice President, Fusco Corporation, describing Blakeslee's role in the construction of the award winning apartment buildings at Ninth Square in Downtown New Haven, CT.

Inherent Life Safety

Concrete is the safest building material and precast improves that because of its ability to sustain shock. Resistance to fire, hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes and even floods is well documented. After many catastrophic events the concrete structures are all that's left. Recent seismic tests of entire precast structures in California formally document that proven capability.


Blakeslee can add precast concrete components with any building material you choose. Combine precast with steel, glass, brick or wood. Many designers are utilizing precast for structure frames and cores. They get the structural stability, fire ratings and construction speed but also can achieve the softer, brighter more traditional looks other components offer . . . just mix and match.


Precast concrete components have STC ratings that outstrip the most stringent Five Star requirements. Quiet and privacy are necessary for all types of housing. Our precast components can be designed to achieve any level of sound attenuation desired.

Low Maintenance

Precast concrete components require little to no attention. Water damage, rot, mildew, peeling, surface damage are nonexistent with plant cast concrete components. Precast is the lifetime building material.