Precast Parking Structures: Controlling Costs

The most cost-effective method of project delivery for many owners is the design/build team approach. Blakeslee has worked on many projects recently where the Owner and CM have chosen to take proposals for the precast structure early during the design process, in order to guarantee that they will have parking when they need it. On these projects we provide GMP price and schedule proposals based on the schematic documents, and then work with the design/construction team to provide pre-construction services as a specialty contractor for the precast structure.

This process has worked well to produce the best value for the owner, because Blakeslee provides a 'complete package' for the precast structure, including product design, fabrication, delivery and erection. We work with you to provide 'solutions' to the technical design and detailing issues as well as the on-site considerations.

We help control costs by:

  • Attending meetings to monitor the design process.
  • Suggesting and pricing alternate solutions and options available for framing systems, corrosion protection, exterior finishes, etc.
  • Reviewing the constructibility of the design and the sequence of erection activities.
  • Providing guaranteed schedules and prices.