Stadiums/Arenas: Advantages


Precast concrete offers finishes and textures that are not achievable through onsite construction. High quality steel forms used in controlled conditions provide a consistent and high level of quality finish right out of the form. Furthermore, there are endless possibilities in terms of aggregates, pigments and color combinations as well as exposed finishes, brick inlay, reveal patterns and special surface treatments.

Custom Components and Shapes

By nature, every spectator facility wants to be a landmark and have its own unique architectural characteristics. Each structure must have its own personality and blend into its surrounding environment. The design possibilities are endless when using precast/prestressed concrete. From cantilevered stairs and beams, to angled seating units, to "V" shaped support columns, customization is the key word when using precast in stadium construction, and Blakeslee is no stranger to that term.

Single Source Responsibility

Blakeslee is a full service company knowledgeable in all aspects of the precast strucutre's design and construction. From initial costing and value engineering to final erection and finishing. Blakeslee's staff and production facility maintain total control over the entire project for the customer. Single source responsibility for all aspects of the precast construction including design, fabrication, delivery, and fieldwork allow for proper coordination and the expedition of construction. There is no middleman, we are the first and last in line.

Confirmed Capability and Quality

Our PCI certified plant ensures compliance with PCI's stringent quality assurance program that examines every aspect of work. Fabrication is done in our enclosed facility under controlled conditions allowing for specific tolerances and ensuring the highest quality products for our customers. Our high quality heat cured concrete with a .38 water cement ratio produces a quality product that is unparralled.


In the world of stadium and arena construction, owners can afford little downtime for their facility. When utilizing precast concrete on site construction time is minimal due to the fact that most of the work is done prior to arrival leaving site work to progress undisturbed. Furthermore, by nature of prefabrication, the actual onsite construction is far quicker than conventional with little or no delays due to weather or site conditions. "Fast track" construction has become commonplace in this day and age and Blakeslee is no stranger to it. We have even "flash tracked" stadium projects, where shop drawings were being done prior to contract documents being complete.