Western Connecticut State University Dormitory


Danbury, CT




Blakeslee Prestress, Inc.


State of Connecticut


Herbert S. Newman, New Haven, CT

General Contractor:

Konover Construction Corp., Farmington, CT


DiBlasi Associates, Monroe, CT


Blakeslee Prestress, Inc., Branford, CT

Project Scope


5 floors

Structural Precast Elements:

736 total pieces including–
• 402 Spandeck hollowcore planks (floor / roof)
• 317 Wall panels
• 17 Stairs & landings
• 46 Shear walls
Western Connecticut State University Dormitory
Western Connecticut State University Dormitory

The new dormitory and parking structure at Western Connecticut State University in Danbury, Conn., faced several key challenges during their construction, including a long winter season, a tight site and a compressed schedule for quick occupancy. Precast concrete components not only aided in achieving the owner's goals but also helped the projects become LEED certified.

The U-shaped, 350-bed dorm features precast wall panels, Spandeck hollowcore floor and roof planks, and precast stairs and landings. The façade was finished with laid-up brick to match existing buildings on the campus. The 425-car, three-level parking structure features a total-precast structure, including pretopped double tees, girders, columns, K walls, lite walls, spandrels, stairs, stair walls and solid slabs.

"Precast was used because of its speed, durability and ability to continue to be erected during the winter are the typical reasons why precast components are used in this region," says Simon Etzel, senior vice president of procurement for Konover Construction Corp., the design-build company.

"The precast went up very quickly, which was critical with our schedule," Etzel explains. "Placing panels between the dormitory units also created great acoustical values. Precast provided a lot of benefits to us." On the parking structure, the use of long double tees opened the interiors to facilitate layout and enhance passive-security measures. The exterior spandrels combine the aesthetic exterior finish, structural floor support, pedestrian railing and vehicle barrier railing in one piece, saving material and erection time and money.

Project Timeline:
• Contract award to Blakeslee: June 2003
• Start of precast erection: mid November 2003
• Complete precast erection: mid February 2004

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