Target Retail Stores and Parking Garage


21 Broad St., Stamford, CT




Blakeslee Prestress, Inc.


Target Corporation, Minneapolis, MN


Street-Works, White Plains, NY


Cantor Seinuk Group, New York, NY

General Contractor:

Jeffrey M. Brown, New York, NY

Project Scope

Levels, Floors:

3, (573 Cars)


Target Retail Stores and Parking Garage

General Information

  • New Construction
  • Ground floor level includes "street retail" with accessory parking, loading docks, and circulation areas.
  • The parking garage occupies the second through fourth levels with two (2) levels of "overbuild" for the Target retail store above.
  • Footprint approximately 243' wide x 386' long
  • Three (3) structured level of parking plus on grade parking
  • Provides parking for 573 cars
  • Privately developed, owned, and managed


Special Challenges of the Project

  • Limited area site bounded by existing buildings and active city thoroughfares in busy downtown Stamford, CT.
  • Site logistics, crane and crew coordination for the erection of the precast for the parking garage levels with the steel and exterior façade enclosure for the Target store levels above.
  • Coordination and detailing of embedded items for connection of the "overbuild" structure and its façade treatment to the precast members.
  • Two-hour fire rating for floor members to satisfy the BOCA building classification of 1B construction. Some small portions of the loading dock employ a spray-applied fireproofing to achieve a three-hour fire rating.
  • In addition to the design, fabrication and erection of the precast structural system, Blakeslee also contracted to furnish and install the horizontal deck and joint sealant system. Caulking and firesafing of the elevator and stair wall joints. Pedestrian barrier at ramp wall openings. Floor drain hardware.


Unique Features / Innovations

  • Blakeslee worked closely with the construction manager to assist the owner and design team refine the design and provide value engineering suggestions to keep the project on budget.
  • Precast frame provides gravity support for vertical loads and lateral bracing for steel framed Target store structure above.
  • Precast shear walls extend up through the steel framed Target store levels in the stair towers.
  • Placement of lateral bracing element designed to eliminate need for expansion joint through the middle of the structure.
  • Precast washes with integral diaphragm reinforcing "chord steel" are used to distribute the lateral load to the shear walls at the parking levels. This minimized the use of time consuming, expensive and less durable cast-in-place concrete pour strips.
  • Structure above the "street level retail" is designed to receive a "protected membrane" waterproofing system. Double tees use lightweight concrete to carry the heavier loading and provide the required fire resistance at this location.
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